Cocoplum Beach

Located in the northeastern section of Great Exuma, this white-sand beach is dotted with beautiful palms that provide shaded areas. It is ideal for picnicking and most likely you will have the beach all to yourself whenever you visit. It is also known for great shelling and sand dollars during low tide.

Driving Directions
12-Minutes Drive From Emerald Bay

When renting a car from Emerald Bay, drive north 5.25-miles (8.5km), approximately a 12-minutes drive. Queens highway is the main (only) road that runs through Exuma. You will find Cocoplum Beach down a gravel road. You will pass a dented Water Tower, on the left and continue follwing Queens Highway just past the only two-lane road, on the left, on Queens highway. You will go around a curve and look for the 1st right (look for the blue box) and travel down the gravel road until you get to the end and see the beach. A great way to know that you are turning down the right gravel road, is to look for the Blue Box.


Queens Highway - Two Lane Road

Keep Going Straight After The ONLY Two-Lane Road


Blue Box

Keep Your Eyes Open For The BLUE BOX On The Right Side Of The Road!


Dirt Road

You Will Travel A Good Way Down A Gravel/Dirt Road.  You Are On The Right Path!


End Of The Road

Cocoplum Beach Will Be At The Very End-Of-The-Road


Sand Dollars

Don’t Forget  To Practice ‚ÄúSand  Dollar Ettiquette"

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